Ridge Preservation in Monmouth County

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When a tooth is extracted, ridge preservation may be recommended to prevent bone loss in the jaw. The bone that supports the root will begin to break down after a tooth is extracted in a process called resorption. Without stimulation from the root, the body receives the signal that the bone is no longer needed for support; resorption occurs, transporting the minerals from the bone to other parts of the body where they are needed. The loss of bone can cause an unaesthetic appearance. Tooth replacement becomes more complex as bone is lost.

We perform ridge preservation at the same time as a tooth extraction by placing bone grafting material into the socket the same day as the tooth is removed. Sealing materials are used to isolate the graft from the bacteria in the mouth. The socket graft helps to prevent bone loss at the site and ensures that the jaw is strong enough to support a dental implant restoration in the future.

Patients typically only require ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol®) after treatment to resolve any discomfort.

The bone grafting material used in this procedure can be harvested from your own bone, a donor bank, animal bone, or a synthetic material. All of these materials work to encourage your body to regenerate bone at the extraction site. The grafting material and your own bone may take up to five months to fuse together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ridge Preservation

How long does ridge preservation last?

The purpose of the graft will vary and so will the type of material used and the length of time it will last.

How much does ridge preservation cost?

Ridge preservation is an affordable procedure, with the cost typically determined by the type of grafting materials used, as well as the number of sockets involved. Dental insurance plans often cover ridge preservation, but we recommend that you confirm your benefits with your insurance provider.

Is ridge preservation necessary after tooth extraction?

After a tooth extraction, ridge preservation is usually recommended, but there are some circumstances in which it is not needed. For example, when wisdom teeth are extracted, no bone grafting is required. When extractions are performed to make room for orthodontic treatment, ridge preservation is not needed because your orthodontist will utilize the newly created space.

How painful is ridge preservation?

Patients typically only require ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol®) after treatment to resolve any discomfort.

Can ridge preservation fail?

Bone grafts and ridge preservation are low-risk procedures that have a high success rate.

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