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Case 1: Virtual Reality for Implants

This video showcases treatment of a patient with congenitally missing front teeth.

The patient obtained a iCat® scan and the data was processed and transferred to the Dentsply Simplant® program which worked to develop the placement angles to maximize both esthetics and function. The information was then used to develop a surgical template that as used during the surgery to replicate the planned case. Reviewing the video, it is easy to appreciate the amazing ability of the program to provide patients with the highest levels of implant care. As a periodontist, Dr. Gordon will be able to correct the gum asymmetry as part as part of the patient’s oral transformation.

  • The Yellow Teeth were created to assess the proper position of the teeth.
  • The Blue Teeth are the patients existing natural teeth.
  • The Purple Implant has been placed according to bone and esthetic needs.
  • You are looking at the bone both outside and in cross-section.

Before and After Image

Case 2: Implant, Missing Lateral

This patient came to my office following orthodontic therapy to initiate implant therapy to replace the congenitally missing front tooth. Tooth replacement for front teeth such as this is some of the most technically and artistically demanding of the implant procedures that can be performed.

All implant work has been performed by Dr. Marc Gordon


Case 3: Implant, Replacement of Bridge

This patient was referred to my office following the discovery that the bridge had failed and that the key tooth holding the bridge was no longer salvageable. This is one of the draw backs of conventional bridgework– decay can occur without easily being discovered with potentially disastrous results. The patient opted not to cut down additional teeth and expand the length of the bridge. The hopeless tooth was extracted and a bone graft placed to preserve the surrounding bone, ultimately allowing the restoration via implants. To replace the two teeth, two implants were applied.

All implant work has been performed by Dr. Marc Gordon


Case 4: Implant, Multiple Missing Teeth

This patient came to my office with cavity-riddled teeth supporting a failing bridge. Through advanced implant techniques involving bone grafting, implant surgical guides, and refined prosthetic techniques, the patient was rehabilitated functionally and esthetically.

All implant work has been performed by Dr. Marc Gordon

Case 5: Implant, Immediate Placement

This patient came to the office with an abscess stemming from a crack in the tooth. The tooth was not savable and was extracted. An immediate implant was placed resulting in a fully restored tooth retained by the “synthetic root” [the implant].

All implant work has been performed by Dr. Marc Gordon

Case 6: Crown Lengthening, Upper Left

This patient presented with a common problem– cavities under aging bridgework. Many times, there is no discomfort to the patient and the x-rays don’t show the cavities until it is advanced. Periodontal treatment was performed to exposed enough tooth structure for a new bridge to be attached. With refined crown and bridge techniques, a beautiful end result was achieved

All implant work has been performed by Dr. Marc Gordon

Case 7: Implant, Lateral Sinus Lift

The loss of teeth near the sinus will usually result in the expansion of the sinus or there may only have existed a limited amount of natural bone below the sinus. A common procedure involves lifting of the base of the sinus without affecting the sinus itself. The following example is a situation where the existing molar had unresolvable periodontal problems and had to be extracted. A Lateral Sinus Lift with simultaneous implant placement allowed restoration of the tooth without involving additional teeth if a bridge were to be placed. Success rates for implant restored teeth are greater than 95% to last more than 20 years. A typical bridge on average lasts about 8 years before a significant increase of risk for caries and root canal problems can compromise the bridge and require replacement. If problems are not caught early enough, a new conventional bridge may not even be possible.

All implant work has been performed by Dr. Marc Gordon

Case 8: Excessive Gum Display Correction

This patient was very unhappy with her gummy smile to the point where she would cover her mouth when she smiled. After therapy, this was no longer a problem….

Periodontics by Dr. Marc Gordon

This patient presented with a smile that was unaesthetic because of too much gum being shown. Ideally, no or only a minimal amount of gum should be showing on a full smile.

Periodontics by Dr. Marc Gordon
Prosthodontics by Dr. Bernie Rosenblatt

Case 9: Gum Recession Correction
Root Coverage

Recession is very common and usually results from excessive toothbrushing technique. If left to progress, the root exposure can lead to root cavities and thermal sensitivity as well as support loss for the tooth. This young woman presented with significant recession on her canine tooth. Soft tissue grafting resulted in root coverage and an excellent esthetic result

*All implant work has been performed by Dr. Gordon