Gum Recession Treatment in Eatontown & Howell, NJ


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Gum recession can happen for many different reasons. It may be a sign of the beginning stages of periodontal disease, it is important to seek treatment for receding gums as soon as possible from an experienced periodontist.

When gums recede around teeth and implants, it can make the teeth appear long and unsightly, and cause the dark metal edges around crowns to be exposed. The phrase “long in the tooth” refers to the way gums recede as we age, thus correcting this issue can shave years off of the appearance of your smile. Patients who brush or floss too hard, as well as patients who have had orthodontic therapy, may also have receding gums. Dr. Gordon offers the innovative Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique to treat gum recession, as well as the more traditional gum grafting procedure.

As a periodontist and implant specialist, Dr. Gordon regularly works with patients to resolve esthetic concerns around teeth and implants. Just like a theatre stage, the gums frame the view. If there is asymmetry in the gums, the teeth will never look their best. 

Dr. Gordon has treated hundreds of patients for these types of issues with significant esthetic improvement. These treatments can be life-changing, boosting patients’ self-esteem and giving them the ability to smile confidently.

Gum Recession Treatment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes gums to recede?

It is often thought that poor oral hygiene causes gums to recede, but that’s not always the case. Those with good hygiene also suffer from this condition.

Gums may recede due to:

  • Age and physical wear
  • Genetics
  • Harsh tooth brushing or over-brushing
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Damage from previous dental work
  • Orthodontic Therapy on prone patients
  • High attachment of the lip to the gums

And these are just the most common reasons.

Is gum disease the same as periodontal disease?

It is common to have gum recession without having gum disease for example in patients with over brushing.  However, gum disease/ infection may also be the cause. The periodontist can assess for both issues.

What are the dangers of gum recession?

Gums recession can expose the root of the tooth which is more susceptible to tooth decay. If it is not caught early, the decay can destroy the tooth structure causing root canal issues and possible tooth loss. Gum recession can also cause hot and cold and sweets sensitivity making eating and drinking more difficult. The recession can lead to loosening of the teeth since support of the tooth is being compromised. This can lead to shifting of the teeth. The poor esthetics is also a consideration making a long-tooth appearance.

Can my gums regrow on their own?

Your gums do not regrow. However, you can take steps to care for the gums you have with proper oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings, and stop smoking. Taking steps like this may help you slow gum recession.

Talk to your dental team for suggestions of steps you can take at home to protect your teeth and gums. The periodontist can also assess if you require treatment of the gum recession before it becomes progressively worse.

Can gum recession be prevented?

The best defense in preventing gum recession is to establish a thorough and effective oral hygiene routine. And, to have regular cleanings and examinations by your dentist. The earlier the signs of gum recession are noticed, the easier it is to prevent it from advancing.