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How Much Does Pinhole Gum Surgery Cost in Monmouth County, NJ?

Team Periodontist

Has your dentist or periodontist recommended you to treat gum recession? If you have receding gums due to gingivitis or gum disease there are surgical procedures to replace the missing gum tissue. There are various techniques to address this issue.  One of the treatments that is recommended when a significant number of teeth have recession is the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Procedure.

Pinhole gum surgery is a technique that was developed as an alternative to gum grafting. A small opening is made in the gums to allow a device to be inserted that stretches and pulls the gums into place over the teeth. Collagen is inserted under the gums to help them expand and stay in place.

How much does pinhole gum surgery cost? Here’s what you can expect.

Average Cost Range of Pinhole Gum Surgery

The cost of pinhole gum surgery can range anywhere from $2500 to $5,000 per jaw. The average cost is around $3,000. Where the cost falls within that range for one patient depends on a few different factors. It is difficult to say how much the procedure will cost without a consultation. A consultation will be necessary first to determine whether or not you are an eligible candidate for pinhole gum surgery. If so, you will be offered an estimate at that time.

Factors That Contribute to the Cost of Pinhole Gum Surgery

There are a number of different things that factor into the price of pinhole gum surgery, including: 

  • Your dentist’s level of experience. Not all dentists have the same amount of experience and level of expertise. The more experience a dentist has, the higher their prices for surgical services may be. Patients are often willing to pay more for the assurance of better quality care from an experienced dentist. 
  • Seeing a periodontist vs a dentist. Speaking of expertise, a periodontist specializes in procedures related to gum tissue. Some general dentists may perform pinhole gum surgery, but the experience of the periodontal specialist with gums procedures typically results in better outcomes
  • The location of your dentist or periodontist’s office. Depending on the geographic location of your dentist or periodontist’s office, the price could be higher in one area than in another. Typically it is reflective of the cost of living in the area. Larger cities may have higher prices than smaller towns.
  • The number of teeth that need surgery. As you may expect, each additional tooth that must be done adds to the total cost. So if you have a row of teeth that all need gum surgery, your cost will be higher.

Does Pinhole Gum Surgery Cost More or Less Than Gum Grafting?

Cost for the Pinhole procedure are relatively the same as conventional soft tissue grafting as there are much less material costs with using your own gum for the rehabilitation.

Is Pinhole Gum Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Most dental insurance plans will cover pinhole gum surgery if it is performed for health reasons rather than cosmetic reasons. Check with your insurance provider first to find out whether or not the procedure is covered and to what extent.

Progressive Periodontics and Implant Dentistry Performs Pinhole Gum Surgery

Dr. Marc E. Gordon, DMD at Progressive Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is an expert in multiple types of soft tissue procedures designed to address recession issues including pinhole gum surgery. A consultation with Dr. Gordon will give you a fuller understanding of your options and potential fees. Dr. Gordon’s staff will help you research your insurance coverage options. If you don’t have insurance or if the out of pocket cost of this procedure is a financial hardship, you may be able to finance it through CareCredit or other credit options. 

Call 732-389-3400 to schedule a consultation at our Eatontown office or 732-364-2025 for our Howell Office. We look forward to providing you with top quality dental care through state of the art techniques.