How Much Does a Single Tooth Implant Cost in Monmouth County, NJ?

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A dental implant is a non-removable replacement for a missing tooth or a tooth that is damaged beyond repair. Dental implants look and function just like natural teeth. While it is possible to have more than one dental implant to replace many missing teeth or to support bridges and dentures, many people have a single tooth implant to replace just one missing or damaged tooth.

Dental implants typically have three main components: a titanium post that replaces the root, a dental crown that looks like a natural tooth, and an abutment that connects the post and the crown.

A single tooth implant can cost anywhere between $3800 and $5500 in Monmouth County, NJ. This cost covers the entire dental implant therapy from the placement of the metal post to the fitting of the abutment and crown. Considering the aesthetic appeal and longevity of the results, a single tooth implant is an investment for long-term quality of life.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Single Tooth Implant in Monmouth County, NJ

A variety of factors can affect the cost of a dental implant in Monmouth County.

Gum health

Patients who have gum disease will need to address their gum issues before the dentist can place the single tooth implant, as the success of a dental implant relies on healthy gums. Gum treatment may add to the cost of a single tooth implant, but it can prevent even greater problems and tooth loss.

Bone volume of the jaw

Strong bones hold teeth in place in the jaw. After losing a tooth, the part of the bone that once held the tooth in the jaw begins atrophy, loosening both height and width. In some cases, the bone becomes too compromised to hold the implant in place. However, there is typically still available treatments such as a bone graft or sinus lift, to create enough bone density and bone volume to hold a dental implant. These procedures can add to the total cost of a single tooth implant.

Tooth extraction

If the single tooth implant is to replace a damaged tooth, the dentist will first have to remove the tooth before beginning the implant procedure.  The socket may need to be bone grafted during the extraction to maintain the volume of bone for future implant therapy.

Location of the tooth

The location of the single tooth implant affects the cost. Front teeth and back teeth may have different costs, as the location of the tooth can affect the difficulty and precision of the tooth implant procedure. Furthermore, front teeth require more sophisticated care to ensure the desired esthetic outcome, whereas back teeth do not pose the same aesthetic concerns.


The type of anesthesia a patient chooses or requires can affect the cost. Some patients can receive a single tooth implant with just local anesthetic, while other patients need complete sedation. Generally speaking, the more advanced anesthesia increases procedure costs.


There are significant differences in the level of care between dentists offering single tooth implants – those with a great deal of expertise may charge more than do those with less experience.  The Periodontal specialist can offer greater experience in managing more complex esthetic implant issues.

Dental insurance

Not all dental insurance plans cover the cost of single tooth implants – many cover just a portion of the procedure.


Financing can make single tooth implants more affordable for those without insurance or who have large out-of-pocket costs. CareCredit may be one option.

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